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One-to-one private English lessons help you make the maximum progress in the shortest possible time


Key facts: Personal Language Training

Age: 16+
Level: from elementary (CEF A0) to advanced (CEF C2)
Start dates: flexible
Length: 1 week +
Lessons: 1+ English lessons are taught Monday to Friday
Tuition fees: from £570
Accommodation: choose between college residence or homestay?

One-to-one study: an intensive personalised English language programme which focuses on your specific needs

Key benefits include:

  • Personalised approach: enables us to create a unique English language programme so you can make quick progress
  • Design your study experience: provides the flexibility to learn English or expand your language vocabulary for a range of professions
  • Academic excellence: provides specialist English language teaching to boost your confidence and achieve your individual learning goals
  • Open Learning Club: provides dedicated support to develop your interpersonal language skills
  • Personal development: enables you to build professional skills including presentation and negotiation
  • Careers expertise: supports and enriches your professional development experience
  • An international experience with peers from over 20 countries: develops your existing networks and enhances cultural awareness
  • Interactive and engaging teaching approach: takes learning beyond the classroom with personalised Study Visits and a varied weekly excursion programme
  • Oxford: benefits your learning experience, as this inspirational academic city promotes learning
  • Variety of progression options: improves your study choices so that you can fast-track your learning or take this course as part of our English Combination course.

One-to-one language training study options:


Professional language:

  • – Boosts your language confidence so you can deliver effective presentations
  • – Develops cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness to inform negotiation strategies
  • – Produces articles for professional journals.
  • – Recent trainees: a senior academic (the Netherlands), CEO media company (South Korea), legal adviser (Brazil)

Academic language:

  • – Improves your academic report writing and note-taking skills
  • – Builds your communications skills to deliver effective presentations for seminars
  • – Expands your linguistic, critical thinking as well as analytical skills for formal academic essays
  • – Recent trainees: postgraduate student (United Arab Emirates), Pre-master’s student (China)

Personal language:

  • – Develops your pronunciation by improving your projection, intonation and stress
  • – Improves your language abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • – Focuses your practise for IELTS and Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE).
  • – Recent trainees: accountant (Qatar), retired businessman (Japan), fashion buyer (South Korea), property developer (Saudi Arabia),? ?gap year student (Germany)

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Optional Extras

Personal Language Training
Students can add one-to-one English language lessons to their language classes. Lessons last 55 minutes and are charged at £57 per lesson.

Examination fees
Fees for the following examinations are currently between approximately
£150 -£210.


Cambridge examinations
B2 First (FCE)
C1 Advanced (CAE)
C2 Proficiency (CPE)

Other examinations

Optional college weekend trips / theatre visits / excursions, etc.
Day excursions at weekends — free to £40
Theatre tickets and transport — £25 to £45
Weekend trip with overnight stay (two nights) — £70 to £300
Additional sports and other activities — £10 to £15 per week

Other costs
Stationery/book purchase (loan of books is included in fees)
General spending money — allow a minimum of £80 per week
Bus travel: single trip from £2.00; 1 week £14.50; 4 week 49.00
St Clare’s sweatshirt £20

Please note: Prices are approximate please contact us at

One-to-one English language lessons

Create your own English language programme for university, for career, for life

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