English for Life

Build your confidence in English

Truly international classes

Learn inside and outside the classroom

Flexible start dates

The ideal course to develop your English language skills

This course is tailored to help international students develop their English grammar and vocabulary alongside their reading, writing, listening and speaking. Levels range from elementary to advanced, so whatever your current level, we have the right course for you.?Our personalised language programme helps you make the maximum progress in the shortest possible time.

Teaching is excellent and promotes successful learningISI PFE March 2019

Key facts: English for Life

Age:? 16+
Level:? from elementary (CEF A1) to advanced (CEF C2)
Start Date: flexible
Length: 2 weeks+
Class size: maximum 12
Lessons:? 24 English lessons (19.25 hours) are taught Mon – Fri
Tuition Fees:? starting from £369 per week
Accommodation: college residence?or homestay
Course structure: view our sample timetable
Course content:? our teaching approach follows a Theme of the Week


Become more fluent and confident with English for Life

The key benefits include:

  • Small international classrooms
  • Oxford: our location in the famous academic city of Oxford will complement your study experience
  • Build confidence in reading, writing, listening and speaking for professional, academic or personal reasons
  • Flexible study programme: you can start at any time throughout the year at any level
  • Personal tutor: to support you on your individual learning goals
  • Varied activity programme:?we have an exciting and full excursion programme with a range of activities for you to chose from
  • An international experience: develop life-long friendships and expand your networks with peers from over 20 countries
  • Academic experience: we are accredited by the British Council (BC) and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for the teaching of English
  • Quality teaching: we have experience in teaching English to non-native speakers for over 60 years
  • Only an hour from London by train: Oxford has a good geographic location
  • Innovative study programme: we take learning beyond the classroom with regular study visits to places of cultural and historic interest within Oxford. Our unique approach is based on a Theme of the Week will keep learning engaged and focused.
Optional extras

Personal Language Training:
Students can add one-to-one English language lessons to their language classes. Lessons last 55 minutes and are charged at £57 per lesson.

Examination fees:
Fees for the following examinations are currently between approximately £150 -£210.


Cambridge examinations:
B2 First (FCE)
C1 Advanced (CAE)
C2 Proficiency (CPE)

Other examinations:

Optional college weekend trips / theatre visits / excursions, etc:
Day excursions at weekends — free to £40
Theatre tickets and transport — £25 to £45
Weekend trip with overnight stay (two nights) — £70 to £300
Additional sports and other activities — £10 to £15 per week

Other costs:
Stationery/book purchase (loan of books is included in fees)
General spending money — allow a minimum of £80 per week
Bus travel: single trip from £2.00; 1 week £14.50; 4 week 49.00
St Clare’s sweatshirt £20

Please note: Prices are approximate please contact us at ic.enquiries@stclares.ac.uk if you have any questions.

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Become more fluent and confident in English – choose English for Life

This is a great way to enjoy learning English whilst living in the beautiful city of Oxford

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